Kendall Martinez-Wright is a resilient Woman, Community Organizer, and a statewide LGBTQ and Human Rights legislative strategist. As a child, Miss Martinez-Wright, along with her mother and younger sister, made the move from Chicago, IL where Martinez-Wright was born, and moved to Palmyra, MO for a better quality of life. Growing up, she observed her mother devote herself to a full-time career within the local school district while simultaneously serving as a strong and supportive parent to Martinez-Wright and her sister. What is most remarkable about Martinez-Wright’s mother was her resilience, as her mother battled to manage depression. Overcoming adversity was no stranger to Miss Martinez-Wright. As she strived to provide emotional support to her mother, she was also learning how to navigate her own struggles with a learning disability. 

Upon graduating from Palmyra High School in 2012, Kendall relocated to the Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, to attend Lincoln University. During her tenure at Lincoln University, she became a critical advocate for policy and legislative action that impacted funding for education and civil rights. She has served as the leader for social justice marches, fundraising campaigns, and statewide initiatives. Since, Kendall has continued her involvement in serving within approximately thirty-six civic organizations, establishing a wide range of  relationships with elected officials, and serving as a discussion facilitator on a wide range of issues from racial justice, access to education, diversity, and healthcare. 

What makes Miss Martinez-Wright unique is her ability to forge relationships with those of differing options and life experiences than her own. She is a firm believer in a “both-and” approach to leadership. She believes in a collaborative leadership style that allows her to navigate decision making from a lens that is practical, empathetic and feasible. In serving as a leader in various organizations and organizing bodies, Miss Martinez-Wright understands the power of utilizing data to inform decisions and establishing options that disrupt binary narratives. Her focus is to create opportunities that provide District 5 residents with the agency and access to contribute to a community designed by the people, for the people. 

Currently, Martinez-Wright currently resides in her hometown of Palmyra. Her mission is to utilize her position at the table to amplify her voice and elevate your concerns. She is dedicated to community, and working diligently alongside stakeholders and partners in order to cultivate unity within and awareness of the valuable residents of District 5.

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