Human Rights represent many facets such as, ensuring civil liberties to all religious identities, to ensuring zero discrimination for the racially ambiguous. As a strong proponent to this issue and someone who’s lived experiences have prepared her to discuss said issues, Kendall is going to ensure that the equity is fulfilled for all one day at a time. From LGBTQ issues, to racial justice, to ensuring our Second Amendment rights Miss Martínez-Wright has been on the forefront of ensuring everyone’s liberties.


  • Martinez-Wright will advocate for the passing of the Missouri Non Discrimination Act (MONA).
  • She will ensure secure funding for Family and children programs.
  • Her plan is to offer additional budget means for programs for individuals re-entering to society upon release. 
  • She is dedicated to ensure individuals who have non-violent drug charges to have means of protection.
  • She will promote gun safety measures and legislation.
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