Kendall Martinez-Wright is a proud product of public school education and is confident in the productivity and strengths of public schools. As a graduate of Palmyra R-1 schools and daughter of a school teacher, Kendall also understands that inadequate funds have the potential to greatly impact public schools and create challenges in providing accessible resources. Despite the lack of adequate support for public schools, Public schools are a foundation for a child’s future and without the proper needs, that child’s future can have negative effects. Miss Martinez-Wright wants to ensure not only productivity, but reinforce the state’s budget for fully funding our schools.


  • Ensure that funding for public schools is adequate and fulfilling for students productivity and success.
  • Work with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to ensure additional protections for educators in cases of future acts of god. This will also include legislation to have guidelines for Districts to respond accordingly with DESE in these instances. 
  • Promote Trade and Vocational Education by introducing additional funding and awareness of trade and/or vocational careers. 
  • Add additional curriculum in Secondary and High Schools in terms of LGBTQ, African American/Diaspora, Latino(a)(x) history as well as general history in regards of various religious history.
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